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  • Seed to Seed:  Seed Saving and growing techniques for vegetable gardens
  • The New Seed Starters Handbook
  • The Plants Propagator's Bible
  • Carrots love Tomatoes (companion planting)
  • The Edible Garden
  • Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening

Top Seed Catalogs

Chicago Gardener
Chicago Urban Gardening
Old Farmers Almanac
Companion Planting


  • Garfield Park Conservatory:  Julio Tuma at 773-638-1766 x.24 or email
  • Cook-DuPage Beekeepers monthly meetings -- a great place to connect with the old hands, and also find sources of nucleus colonies, hives and used equipment.
  • The Chicago Beekeeping Meetup Group - person get togethers and skill shares, and a discussion list.
  • The Pilsen Beekeeping Club:  Pilsen Beekeepers
  • Illinois State Beekeeping Association:
  • Angelic Organics Learning Center:
  • Beekeeping YOUTUBE

    Beekeeping Classes
    Wheaten Park District with Chuck Lorence of Aurora
    Wright Community College with John Hansen of Chicago

    The Wheaten Park District class meets once time a week for 2 hours for 8 weeks.  Wright Community class meets  2 hours a week for 6 weeks.